Combi-Camp Country

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Are you trendy? Do you have a smart life style?
Then the NEW Combi-Camp Country is made for you!
Large 14" tyres fitted to a smart aluminium rim and a
tent canvas in natural colours, which explain the Fairy-Tale Camper.
Who aims for leisure time plus comfort, nature and luxury?
Why lay and crawl around on the ground, when you can step into your Combi-Camp.
Prepare a wonderful meal in the kitchen and then sleep in a cosy and comfortable wooden slatted bed.
The Combi-Camp Country is a luxurious trailer for Fairy-Tale persons.

Country Experience with nature in the forefront.

  • A 14" wheel with aluminium rim.
  • A front box for extra luggage.
  • A complete kitchen with 3 burners, stainless steel sink fitted with micro switched tap and a 3 way fridge   (gas, 12V and mains 220 -240V) plus 4 storage draws and a cutlery draw.
  • A 1.265 litre cargo storage box under the bed.
  • Can be put up without the use of any pegs!